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See the rise of traditional Chinese medicine industry from the nineteenth report

National concern with 19 big report, there are a lot of important information about health care, in particular, xi general secretary in the report clearly pointed out: insist on equal emphasis on Chinese and western medicine, the development of traditional Chinese medicine career. Clearly, we are sending a signal to us that traditional Chinese medicine is about to rise, and China's traditional Chinese medicine industry is about to revive!
As a matter of fact, many medical workers have noted that in the past two years, the state has given unprecedented attention and policy support to the traditional Chinese medicine industry.
Pharmacists tu of 2015, China academy of traditional Chinese medicine for new antimalarial drug artemisinin, are extracted successfully saved millions of lives, and get the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, she was the first Chinese scientists won the Nobel science prize, it is also the Chinese medicine so far won the highest award, is the highest award of achievements of Chinese medicine, this achievement is also let the world to sit up and take notice of Chinese medicine in China.
On February 22, 2016, printed and distributed by the state council, prime minister li keqiang, signed by the Chinese medicine development strategy plan for 2016-2030, has been clear about the future 15 years development direction and focus of Chinese medicine in our country, emphasize the to promote healthy development of the cause of traditional Chinese medicine in the future.
Then, on December 25, 2016, the Chinese medicine of the People's Republic of China law, promulgated and issued by chairman xi himself, this is China's first set by the national code for the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine, is of milestone significance for the development of China's traditional Chinese medicine, at the same time, it fully shows the party and the country to the attention of the traditional Chinese medicine.
Traditional Chinese medicine is the treasure of our Chinese nation, over the years, however, because of the lack of regulations, there is the phenomenon of good and evil people mixed up, some of the "Chinese medicine banner're incapable of pseudo caused some bad effects to the traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine industry, also caused some patients distrust, even on the network" of traditional Chinese medicine is a liar "rumors, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine gradually potential failure, once appeared dissatisfaction with traditional Chinese medicine college recruit students, old no one to inherit the mantle of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine hospital management difficulties an untimely.
The promulgation of the Chinese medicine law has systematically affirmed the legitimacy of traditional Chinese medicine, and the encouragement of the state has also given the common people a reassurance.
At present our country has nearly 500000 class (assistant) medical practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese accounted for more than 15% of the total health service, traditional Chinese medicine and a large number of traditional Chinese medicine into the national public health service system, especially in some remote mountainous areas, villages and towns and small community, and western medicine technology, equipment, personnel is very lack and temporarily unable to solve regional, traditional Chinese medicine with its zero activity and low operating costs to compensate for the lack of medical care, health care become the people can trust.
At present, there are 42 universities in China with more than 700,000 students. In order to encourage everybody to learn traditional Chinese medicine, some medical school also set a directional quota of free, give family limited eager learning conditions for students to fully, and also for the country's cause continuously deliver high quality talents of Chinese medicine.
Not only that, with the development of the national One Belt And One Road, traditional Chinese medicine has gone out of the country and into the world.
In January 2017, President xi jinping presented to the world health organization a sculpture of acupuncture and moxibustion to promote Chinese medicine to the world. At the same time, the Chinese government has signed cooperation agreements with more than 80 countries, and Chinese medicine has spread to more than 180 countries and regions overseas.
On October 11, 2017, the Hong Kong special administrative region chief executive secretary lam published a new policy to promote the development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, the report pointed out that Hong Kong people in recent years, increasing demand for services of traditional Chinese medicine, to this, the SAR government will endeavour to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, make traditional Chinese medicine play a more active role in promoting public health.
The SAR government in the Hong Kong SAR government for food and health is also set up a task force of the development of traditional Chinese medicine group, maintain close ties with Chinese traditional medicine industry, as a whole and promote the strategies and measures to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine in Hong Kong. The group will study and facilitate the development of Hong Kong's traditional Chinese medicine, including how to explore the market of Chinese medicine in mainland China and neighbouring countries and regions.
At the same time, the SAR government will accelerate the establishment of government traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) detection center, through the research and development of international recognition of traditional Chinese medicine and its product reference standards, strengthen the traditional Chinese medicine industry for the quality control of traditional Chinese medicine products, in order to promote Hong Kong as the international centre of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) test and quality control research.
On the 19th, the state reaffirmed the determination to develop traditional Chinese medicine: to uphold the traditional Chinese and western medicine and to carry forward the development of TCM.
We firmly believe that, under the leadership of the CPC central committee, under the joint efforts of the national medical workers, China's traditional Chinese medicine will usher in a new rise, China's traditional Chinese medicine will become a window of China towards the world, China's traditional Chinese medicine will become the best carrier of the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture.
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