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Hongyang pharmaceutical co., LTD. Will be upgraded through 2017 CQC supervision and review and certificate replacement

On October 29 in the afternoon, the red sun pharmaceutical quality management system annual audit plan at the end of the meeting, China quality certification center (CQC) careful outside auditors, the expert group announced: red Yang pharmaceutical co., LTD. Weifang quality management system implementation of sustained and effective operation, through the supervision and audit, shall be certificate in version to upgrade.
In order to confirm our company continued compliance and effectiveness of management system, China quality certification center (CQC) review panel line of three people on October 28, 29, two days in our company to carry out the quality management system audit plan.
In two days nervous and orderly, external expert group staff, in accordance with GB/T 19001-2016, GB/T 24001-2016, GB/T 28001-2011 quality/environment/occupational health and safety management system standard requirements, the access file records, on-site inspection and ask for related personnel, respectively, for the production department, qc department, purchasing department, technology department, logistics department, business center, Marketing Department, finance department, office and other departments for the strict audit, our relevant staff also actively cooperate with the whole audit process.
External expert group of our company's quality management to give the full affirmation, but also objectively points out my company to the problems existing in the process of quality system and the insufficiency, and puts forward some valuable guidance and Suggestions for improvement. The management representative of the company expressed his sincere thanks to CQC for its recertification at the last meeting.
Ask for each department at the same time combining the recertification found problems and actual working condition, the lines, self-check, continuous self-improvement, the company build a "everybody is responsible for improving quality, everyone is concerned about the quality" good atmosphere. Focus on product quality as the key concept, formed the good habit of work according to the requirements of the file, at the same time the company developed a lot of rules and regulations and work procedures, set up a long-term mechanism of continuous improvement, strengthen the training work of quality management, favorable to promote the company each work smoothly, effect is obvious.
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China quality certification center (CQC for short) in English is approved by the Chinese government, is currently the largest scale and scope of certification in China and the strongest, the credibility of the best national certification bodies, by governments and several international authoritative organization approved by the third party certification organization, China inspection certification group. Is also a full member of the alliance (IQNet) international certification, certification bodies with 22 countries to establish relations of cooperation, has 11 in domestic product certification sub-center and 36 branches of management system certification, in a foreign country has 25 business promotion platform, is China's earliest, largest and most authoritative quality certification work of certification bodies, to provide customers with highly efficient "one-stop" services, the ISO9000 and ISO14000 certificate issued by the will be able to receive approval other union members.
CQC has accumulated rich experience in certification work over the years. So far, CQC has accumulated to more than 15000 enterprises and organizations at home and abroad were awarded ISO9000 quality system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, OHSMS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification, HACCP certification and QS9000 certification, with more than 20000 factories at home and abroad the issued more than 30000 pieces of CCC certification, security certification certificate of more than 100000 copies of more than 20000 voluntary product certification certificate; The number of issuing certificates is the highest in the country. CQC has been carried out both at home and abroad more than 100000 person-times of training, as well as Japan JET, JQA, JCIC, A - PEX, Canada CSA, UL, SEMKO, Sweden, Norway NEMEKO SIRIM, Taiwan, Malaysia ETC, China inspection co., LTD. (Hong Kong) 11 foreign certification body training product certification tracking inspectors more than 200 people.
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