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Hongyang pharmaceutical co., LTD signed a strategic cooperation agreement with South Korea's famous cosmetics company

Hongyang pharmaceutical co., LTD signed a strategic cooperation agreement with South Korea's famous cosmetics company.
In recent years, Korean cosmetics manufacturers have been rapidly gaining a foothold in China with their excellent technology and the Korean wave cosmetics boom.
In today's China domestic supply side reform, foreign building "area" of economic policy, the domestic brands and foreign brands of "going out" the best "introducing" policy endorsed, and specific to the cosmetics industry, cosmetics to China and South Korea cooperation from the progress of shallow exchanges in the past few years, started closer exchanges and strategic layout.
More and more brands are setting up branches in China, and more and more famous Korean cosmetics manufacturers are also stepping up their efforts to expand the Chinese market.
This cooperation with hongyang pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics OEM and ODM OEM. The main products include face cream, essence solution, facial cleanser, facial mask, shower gel, etc. At present, in Korea, China, Japan and many other countries have cooperated with local well-known brands in OEM production, and developed strong technical force.
The two sides agreed to reach a strategic cooperation agreement, jointly set up a Chinese technology research and development center in hongyang pharmaceutical industry, and realize the development and production of a dragon in China as soon as possible.
Red Yang pharmaceutical industry as a strategic partner in China, actively exert their own advantages and good business relationship, actively assist the technologies in China, according to the examination and approval work in the trading platform, procurement channels play their own advantages, brand promotion, etc
Red Yang pharmaceutical pharmaceutical chairman Mr Lin hai said: China's cosmetics industry to build gene for independent innovation, constantly improve product quality, reduce the homogeneity, improve the level of scientific research, pay attention to innovation, enhance the competitiveness of the brand
To integrate existing resources, based on the brand's own cultural genes. Whether cross-boundary or integration, Korean cosmetics brands can be used for reference in China.
Is the most important thing is, must want to have a global vision, if it is a brand with global vision, so as to draw lessons from the domestic first-line brand again good practices, Chinese cosmetics will have a better breakthrough.
Sales of beauty and personal-care products in China are growing at an average annual rate of 15 per cent and are expected to reach $40 billion this year. The 15% growth rate is well above the single-digit growth in global cosmetics sales. Unlike other areas of the world where skincare products account for less than 30% of the market, in China, skin-care products account for 40 percent of the cosmetics and toiletries market.
Head said: want to use the Chinese company on Chinese market and consumer understanding, combined with South Korea research and development strength, with the best skin care products research and development technology, to research and development to produce more mild safer, more high quality and efficiency, more suitable for Chinese skin products, benefit the masses of consumers.
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